lawn careSummer is here and with it comes hot weather, time in the pool, and fun in the sun. But an unfortunate side effect of the heat is the negative toll it takes on your lawn. Although it should be lush, green, and soft, the heat typically leaves your lawn brown, coarse, and dying. The majority of Americans with yards — 90% — believe that it is important to keep the lawn well maintained. With that in mind, here are some quick tips and tricks on lawn care to keep it looking gorgeous in the summertime.

1. Don’t mow too often
Mowing too often will make your grass short, which is harmful to its growth. Taller grass is able to aerate the soil better, prevent evaporation of water, and prevents weed seeds from taking root. Every time you mow your lawn, you should aim to cut off one-third of its height.

2. Use enough water
Practicing safe watering habits is vital for healthy lawn care. Your lawn needs about an inch and a half of water per week, and when it is fully watered it should be damp down six and a half inches. Watering too much will flood your lawn, and watering too infrequently will lead to crumbling, brown grass.

3. Keep the pests away
Insects, moles, and other critters can cause wreak havoc on your lawn and cause many problems. Make sure to use a bug guard so those critters leave and never come back!

4. Use proper tree care
Tree removal can be necessary if your tree is rotten or dead as it will give an unsightly finish to your yard. But if your tree is in good condition, landscape services can make sure your tree stays healthy and beautiful by tree trimming and shaping.

5. Cut down on splashing
If you have a pool, the chlorine and other chemicals will be quick to harm your grass. To ensure you have a bright green grass, keep the splashing to a minimum or add a path around the pool with stones and/or wood.

Lawn care is important for any homeowner, but can be especially crucial for those looking to sell their homes. In fact, landscaping raises the property value of your home as much as 12% and will increase your home’s resale value up to 14%.

So, follow these tips and you will have a lush green lawn that you won’t resist showing off this summer!