Fall Landscaping Tips

Just as the yard work that you do in the spring allows your lawn to look great in the summer, the work you do in the fall will help to prepare and protect it from the winter conditions. The work done now will assure another beautiful lawn next summer. We have some tips to help [...]

5 Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Lawn Looking Gorgeous in the Summer

Summer is here and with it comes hot weather, time in the pool, and fun in the sun. But an unfortunate side effect of the heat is the negative toll it takes on your lawn. Although it should be lush, green, and soft, the heat typically leaves your lawn brown, coarse, and dying. The majority [...]

The Best Time and Way to Water your Lawn

One the many questions that we get for our Outer Banks landscaper is “What is the best way to keep my lawn watered and healthy?” We will share some tips that we’ve found to be useful for having a great looking lawn. Be an Early Bird The best time to water your lawn is in the [...]

Can Trees Save You Money?

Recent studies have shown that the presence of landscaping can increase property value anywhere from 10-20%. This is especially true when trees are a prominent feature of the landscape job. This is an obvious benefit for people who are thinking about selling their homes in the near future, but what are the benefits of landscaping [...]

Mulch Ado About Spring! Your Guide to Spring Mulching Endeavors

Approximately 75% of Americans feel that it's important to spend time in their yard. Meanwhile, 90% of people believe having a well-maintained yard is just as important. Spring is here, and if you are someone who takes pride in lawn care and landscaping, you couldn't be happier. From tidying up the plant beds to performing [...]

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