fall landscape
Just as the yard work that you do in the spring allows your lawn to look great in the summer, the work you do in the fall will help to prepare and protect it from the winter conditions. The work done now will assure another beautiful lawn next summer.
We have some tips to help you, and if you still have questions, please feel free to call us.

dead treeOut with the Old
If you have branches that are dead or dying, they should be removed. There is no sense in making a tree or shrub expend energy in the winter to help sustain a part that will not survive. Inspect the trees and shrubs carefully, and be proactive with parts that will not survive the winter. After the first frost is a great time to trim rose bushes and other shrubs that are strong enough to survive the winter cold.

Get your Trees and Shrubs a New Coat
Not a parka, but a fresh coat of mulch. 2 to three inches of mulch should be spread in a 2 to foot radius around the trees and shrubs. This will help to insulate the root system from the harsh winter cold, as well as providing and sustaining moisture and nutrients. Mulch really is a landscaper’s best friend, and it is essential for proper tree care and health.

Don’t Plant after Mid-October
Any plants, shrubs, or grasses should be planted by October to assure maximum growth and sustainability. Some of the more vulnerable shrubs, grasses, and perennials will need to be protected from the snow, low temperatures, and high winds that the winter months will bring. Aeeping some of the leaves that have fallen around these items will serve as a small, but vital layer of protection, similar to the mulch that is used on the larger plants, trees, and shrubs. The more delicate, and pricey items should be wrapped to assure their successful bloom next year.

Following these tips in the beautiful autumn weather will allow you some measure of calm during the short days of winter. It will also make your spring lawn cleanup much easier, knowing that your lawn and yard have been safely protected from the elements.