To the outside eye, nature seems to work like clockwork: trees and flowers wither in the fall and they bloom in the spring. However, not many realize that trees require a certain level of love and care to stay healthy and continue to grow. While trees are low maintenance, they certainly aren’t maintenance free. That being said, tending to your trees’ seasonal needs will help keep trees healthy and will ultimately keep your landscaping looking beautiful and green.

Rake at an apple-tree against flowersHealthy trees contribute a lot to a home and for your landscaping. For example, healthy trees can improve the real estate value of your home by 10%. Additionally, trees can help you majorly with your cooling bills. In fact, a young healthy tree can contribute the cooling effect of 10 high-power air conditioners and can reduce air conditioning needs by 30%.

Here are four simple tree care tips to help kick off your spring tree maintenance routine:

Tidy Up
For this tip, spring cleaning is really the name of the game.

  • Spring is here and there’s no need for any more holiday decorations. Keeping holiday lights wrapped around trees or branches might risk girding their growth.
  • As the temperatures begin to rise, remove protective winter wraps that might have been placed around trunks.
  • Rake, gather, and clear any debris that might have collected beneath and surrounding trees during the winter. This helps protect trees from fungal diseases.

Mulch helps roots retain moisture and prevents the growth of mold. This is especially important for younger trees. When it comes to mulch, add a thick layer of about three inches around trees, keeping a safe distance from the trunk.

Once soil thaws, it’s important to water your trees.

  • Trees located in areas where de-icing materials were used should be watered deeply.
  • You should be watering your trees throughout cool weather. They can still dry out.

Tree Trimming
While trees should ideally be trimmed during the dormant season, this is a great time of year to trim any dead limbs, clear excess brush or leaves.

If you have any major work to do, such as tree removal or major pruning, contact your landscape services for help. These tree care professionals have the knowledge and tools to safely transform your landscape into a beautiful spring oasis.